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Mike Moran Painting

Mike Moran Painting

Mike Moran Painting
Mike Moran Painting

Faux Finishes:

  • Color Washes
  • Extraction Techniques
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Stain and Lacquer
  • Sponge Painting
  • Stencils
  • Multi–Spec
  • Checker–Board Painted Floors

Faux finishes are a popular wall finish that can add interest and create a special mood. An accent wall with a custom faux finish can liven up an otherwise dull and boring room. Columns, cabinetry, doors and window sashes also prove ideal spaces for a custom faux finish. Faux finishes can also serve to hide imperfections on the surface of a wall.

residential repaintIs your home in need of some color and creative painting?

At Moran Painting, we are familiar with several faux finish techniques. Ask to see samples ... or provide a description of what you are trying to achieve. With professional experience, we'll create your own very special look and feel.

Mike Moran PaintingMike Moran Painting


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